SSG Crown – Orianna vs Yasuo – KR LOL Highlights | 크라운 오리아나

크라운 오리아나 vs 야스오 영상입니다. ▷Subscribe to me: ▽▽▽ Runes & Masteries ▽▽▽ Client Version: 6.22 …
2016-11-26 05:43:38
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  1. 야스오 뭔 자신감이지..

  2. so easy dude

  3. yasuo carry team 20 GG :))

  4. EveryExperience-A-Lesson

    I just absolutely love seeing Yasuos getting stomped to the ground.. Idk why.. I don't necessarily think the champion is super overpowered or anything, it's just that i'm sick of seeing him in every normals game I try to play.. I mean, where's the diversity ?

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